Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma

Austin, TX

You feel damaged beyond repair from narcissistic abuse.

When will the love bombing come back?  You want the person you first met back or the parent who pulls you in, not the person who pushes you away when they have no more use for you. It’s all temporary with the narcissist. The love is always taken away. That’s because the narcissist is the same person they’ve always been. It’s just so hard to believe and accept anyone can be this way. 

“If only they’d change,” you think. And, sometimes they do because they need something from you. But if you have needs, stand up for yourself, show any sensitivity, or sign of weakness, then they are gone, emotionally or otherwise.

You try to envision yourself with a kind, loving, thoughtful future partner who has no hint of narcissism.  But that’s hard to imagine because you’ve been through so much narcissistic abuse and trauma. 

Fear sets in. 

You’re questioning whether you’ll be attracted to or share chemistry with someone who doesn’t have hints of narcissism.  You worry everyone will feel like they have red flags. You feel like you’ll always be alone after the effects you’ve experienced from narcissistic abuse.

How can you keep your distance for good or set boundaries? You feel trapped and guilty for wanting distance or to detach from them, especially when it’s your parent.  You feel shame for having them in your life.

You’re used to the disrespect, neglect, being ignored, and abused in many ways, mostly emotionally and verbally.  Those scars may not be seen on your body but they’re there.

You just want the push pull to stop.

Counseling for Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Austin, TX

But you somehow feel driven towards the spiral of emotions and the narcissist’s rollercoaster. This is what you’re used to.

You question whether they’re the narcissist and start to question if you’re the narcissist. You’re not. Even *if* they aren’t, this is still toxic for you, and you know on every level, what you’ve been going through. 

The gaslighting seems to work. 

It’s made you question yourself repeatedly and feel stuck in ruminating over this. If you haven’t been hoovered, you’re wonder when or if you’ll be hoovered.  If you’re constantly being hoovered, you wonder when it will stop. You wonder how many times you can block them and if they’ll ever leave you alone. Sometimes, you don’t want it to stop. You just want it to be better.

But you’ve read all about narcissists, watched videos on narcissism, you may even be part of a group forum about how to cope with the narcissist and heal from narcissistic abuse.  You’ve learned just how difficult it is for a narcissist to change. So, you try to go no contact, you try to grey rock, you distract yourself but somehow, some way, they make their way back into your life. 

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse in Austin, TX

You end up constantly feeling disappointed in yourself.  Asking yourself why you continue to let this person back in your life. You blame yourself.  Tell yourself you deserve it and that something is wrong with you.

You’re ready to break free from the cycle of narcissistic abuse and trauma. You’ve had enough of the repetitive cycle of idealization, devaluation, discard, and hoover. 

You know on a very deep level, this isn’t healthy or good for you in mind, body, spirit, and heart.  Your heart aches. You have so much guilt and shame from this. You’re ready to make changes so you can stop this crushing cycle.  You know it may be a difficult, painful path because of the hold the narcissist has had on you in your life. But you’re ready to do this.

You deserve so much more.

You deserve to be free from this pain. There are real changes that you’ve been through in the mind, body, and the brain because of the trauma from narcissistic abuse. You may feel lost and don’t feel like anyone believes or understands you right now but I do. 

How can therapy for narcissistic abuse help?

What you’ve been through is a very painful, lonely experience. But you no longer have to be alone in your experiences from this and you can recover.

Therapy can help you heal from the devastating effects narcissistic abuse and trauma have on your mind, body, and brain. I’ll help you learn about the changes that occur so, you can fully understand the impact narcissistic abuse has had on you.

We’ll work together using therapies like, EMDR, that help you heal the effects of the trauma and learn how to use your body’s natural ability to regulate, restore, and heal on a deeper, lasting level.

You’ll finally be able to rewire the parts of your brain that immediately have you in a constant state of fight, flight, fawn, or freeze response so, your brain doesn’t perceive everything as a danger and constantly in protect mode when it doesn’t always need to be.

You’ll process the trauma in a way where you can finally unburden yourself from old and recent wounds and learn how to take action in setting and sticking to healthy boundaries that work for you.

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